Alice Kerly

Alice Kerly
PhD Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED)
Supervisor: Susan Bull

Note: This site is an archive of my PhD website from 2005-2008. It is no longer being updated. Please see my LinkedIn or Academia.edu profiles for current information.

In 2008 I completed my PhD in AIED with particular focus on the use of conversational agents in e-learning, specifically for natural language negotiation of an Open Learner Model. I remain active in the UK AI and international AIED communities, and am particularly interested in the broadening of educational technology research from academia to real-world and commercial platforms.

Research interests

My research involved investigation of the use of natural language conversational agents or “Chatbots” (such as Yhaken) in negotiation of Open Learner Models.

I am also interested in the use of Chatbots in classroom education, on the possibilities for using Chatbots with intelligent tutoring systems, and in user (student) reactions to finding Chatbots in their learning environment.

Forum for AI Research Students

FAIRS’09 will be held on Monday 14th December in Cambridge, UK, and offers:

  • Guidance on conducting research and writing the thesis
  • Feedback on  research and research plans
  • Advice on undergoing a viva
  • The chance to meet other research students and develop networks
  • An opportunity to discuss  work with senior researchers and practitioners

This follows up from the successful free one day events for research students in AI related fields held at AI-2007, and AI-2008 the SGAI’s annual conference. Details of previous events are on the Forum web site.


 PhD work

I built an Open Learner Model system with an embedded chatbot interface which was been tested with school pupils and university students. This work was undertaken with support from Elzware, a leading UK developer of chatbots based on Lingubot software and methodology, and was based on design principles elicited from my research.

My early work involved completing a Wizard-of-Oz study into the potential for the use of Chatbots for negotiation over the learner model. User reactions to interacting with a Chatbot were positive, and indicated that further implemented versions of the system would be deserving of significant research attention.

I also carried out an investigation into the opinions about the potential for Open Learner Modelling use in schools held by teachers and other educational professionals.


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